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If you see one of these entries on your system, you're probably not infected. Spybot is installed in most anti-spyware programs, as well as Firefox and Internet Explorer, and is capable of removing a wide range of spyware. Adware - Adware is a catch-all category that includes many potentially unwanted applications and ad-supported online services. Some people call it "malware" because of the way it can generate revenue for its authors. It's much more than just annoying ads - sometimes it can lead to slowdowns and system crashes, and it can introduce unwanted changes to your browser settings. Exploit Software - These are programs designed to trick your computer into executing code that's not yours. When a program executes instructions that don't come from its legitimate author, it's an exploit. The user of the computer can become infected when this occurs. Malware writers and hackers have been using exploits to deliver all sorts of nasty infections for years. Worm - A worm is a self-replicating computer program that runs without your knowledge. It can copy itself, infect other computers, and even create copies on the infected computer for each of them to spread from. If your computer is infected by a worm, you might see messages telling you that there's a new version of the worm out there. This is often a virus, and you should have the anti-virus software installed. Ransomware - Ransomware, also known as CryptoLocker, was a huge problem for computer users around the globe during the summer of 2013. Ransomware is a type of malware that takes over your computer and locks you out of it unless you pay a ransom to the person who installed it. You don't even know you've been infected. Social Engineering - A social engineer is a person who convinces someone to give up personal information or use some other sensitive activity. These attacks rely on tricks, not technology, and they can be very effective. Malware authors like to use social engineering to change your browser settings, and to download and install malware onto your system. Persistence - This is a feature of malware that can allow it to remain on a computer for a long period of time. This allows the malware to stay hidden in your system, and it can continue to do things over time. Infected with more than 20 types of malware are seen daily by our security experts. As the cyber-security industry matures, more and more malware




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HACK Spybot - Search Destroy iregol
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